Pariksha was founded in Hyderabad the Capital City of Telangana State of India in 2011 and is one of the reputed manufacturers with perfect good practices integrated into the manufacturing processes. Since its inception, Pariksha has been at the forefront of laboratory diagnostics and today it has an enviable product profile in the designated areas.

The High-Q brand name of Pariksha has been established throughout India as a result of our capability for manufacturing high-quality, niche, and extremely reliable reagents. Our products are being sold and marketed in and across India. Today there are a prodigious number of customers who are using Pariksha’s products and our customer base would continue to grow stronger year after year.

At Pariksha we not only feel proud of ourselves for the quality of our products but also for the quality of our customer support through our comprehensive product training programs and our excellent technical support and customer service teams.

All Pariksha’s products are manufactured in large production lots in an ISO 9001 and 13485 certified production facility.

Since 2011 we are having an outstanding relationship with the worlds leading raw materials manufacturers for the development and manufacturing of world-class IVD reagents

The extensive product menu of Pariksha’s clinical chemistry reagents offers high quality, long shelf life, and exceptional performance. The applications are designed with excellent sensitivity, precision, and extended linearity. The reagents are manufactured at an ISO 13485-certified facility, where they undergo extensive QC and performance testing protocols. Each lot is optimized to ensure minimum lot-to-lot variation and is correlated to reference calibrators and controls. Most reagents have up to 24 months of shelf life, 30 to 60 days of onboard stability, and long life calibration curves.


Product Categories

ELISA Kits are laboratory tools for detecting and quantifying substances like proteins or hormones using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

Clinical Chemistry is the measurement of chemical substances in body fluids such as blood, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid for diagnosis, monitoring medical conditions, and evaluating the effectiveness of treatments.

Latex Enhanced Turbidimetric Immuno Assays (LETIA) are a type of laboratory test that uses latex particles coated with antibodies to detect and measure specific molecules or substances in body fluids, such as proteins or hormones.

Turbidimetric Immuno Assays (TIA) are a type of laboratory test that measures the amount of antigens or antibodies in a sample by detecting changes in the clarity of a solution caused by the formation of antigen-antibody complexes.

Serology is the scientific study of blood serum and other bodily fluids to detect the presence of antibodies, which can indicate the presence of infectious diseases or autoimmune disorders, and for blood typing and compatibility testing.

Clinical microbiology is the study of microorganisms that cause infectious diseases, and their diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. It involves the identification and characterization of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites in clinical specimens.

Coagulation is the process by which blood forms clots to prevent bleeding. In laboratory medicine, coagulation testing measures the ability of blood to clot and is used to diagnose and monitor bleeding disorders and monitor anticoagulant therapy.

Rapid tests are diagnostic laboratory tests that provide quick and efficient results, typically within minutes to a few hours, without requiring specialized equipment or extensive sample preparation. They are commonly used for point-of-care testing and screening.

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Technology Advancements:

Pariksha manufactures and markets all its products under its brand name High-Q where it is indicated that all the products produced are of high quality and trustworthy. Extensive research has gone into the development of products where the reagent configuration, stability, presentation, and adaptability to various analyzers have been studied. Pariksha has the capability to customize the reagents as per the needs of analyzers. But if you need to buy a high-quality essay on biology or any other subject, we recommend service that will meet your needs.