Biomedical Instruments


Medical instruments are devices used by healthcare professionals to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients. They include tools such as stethoscopes, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, surgical instruments, and imaging equipment. Medical instruments are essential for accurate diagnosis, treatment, and management of various medical conditions. They are often specialized for specific medical procedures and are designed to ensure patient safety and comfort.



CodeProduct NameMethodPack SizeDownload
P-CCA(S)Clinical Chemistry AnalyzerSemi Auto – Multi Cal Option1 UnitDownload
P-CCA(F)Clinical Chemistry AnalyzerRandom Access (100 Tests per hour)1 UnitDownload
P-HEA(3)Hematology Analyzer3 Part (Double Chamber)1 UnitDownload
P-HEA(5)Hematology Analyzer5 Part (Double Chamber)1 UnitDownload
P-POCAPOCT Analyzer (Immunofluorescence)For Specific Proteins, Hormones,Vitamins)1 UnitDownload
P-PCRThermal CyclerReal Time PCR System1 UnitDownload